Loudon Wainwright III – Lifetime Achievement reviewed

Loudon Wainwright III – Lifetime Achievement reviewed

Loudon Wainwright III's latest studio album, Lifetime Achievement, was released last Friday and has already garnered an amazing array of 4-star reviews from the likes of Uncut Magazine, Record Collector, The Arts Desk and the Daily Telegraph amongst others.

You can read some of the review highlights below and don't forget you can also catch Loudon on tour next month.

Loudon Wainwright III - Lifetime Achievement

“Lifetime Achievement is an album about identifying and appreciating the things that are most important, that make life in the city or on the island worthwhile”
★★★★ Uncut Magazine - read full review

“Whether solo or ensemble, his forte is as one of the great storytellers in song”
★★★★ The Arts Desk - read full review

“Master singer-songwriter’s late-career triumph.”
★★★★ Record Collector - read full review and Q&A

“The great joy of this late-period album is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously.”
★★★★ Daily Telegraph (Album of the Week)

“he’s also a musical raconteur par excellence and the story-songs here capture him at his tragicomic best.”
★★★★ Daily Mail

“Wainwright has had a lifetime in music and his 26th studio album ranks as one of his better achievements.”
★★★★ The Sun

“Lifetime Achievement contains so much more of his signature thoughtful wit..”
★★★★ The Scotsman - read full review

★★★★ Scottish Daily Express

“He says that once an album is done and dusted, he can’t stand to hear it anymore. That’s unlikely to be something you’ll experience with this wonderfully Wainwright delight.”
Folk Radio UK - read full review

“Loudon Wainwright III is still as sharp, witty and honest as he’s always been. Fantastic.”
At The Barrier - read full review

“What makes Wainwright such a joy to listen to is the way he frames a moment and shows it for what it really is.”
For Folk Sake - read full review