Photek – Solaris (vinyl re-issue)

Photek – Solaris (vinyl re-issue)

Modus Operandi had been released in 1997 and was both a critical and commercial success, underlining Photek as something of a shadowy leading figure in the world of drum and bass, after his apprenticeship in the preceding years with Metalheadz. Solaris, appearing three years later was eagerly anticipated and found Photek playing with form and genre.

Glamorama, with its heavily echoed treatment of artist Marie-José Jongerius' voice sounds not unlike something from David Byrne and Brian Eno's classic cut-ups of My Life In The Bush of Ghosts. Where Solaris departs from its predecessor is the beautiful deep house of Mine To Give and Can't Come Down – both featuring Chicago legend Robert Owens on vocals – that added heart to Photek's techno soul. However, as if to silence his critics, the relentless eight-and-a half minutes of Infinity showed that few could push the boundaries of drum and bass as could Photek.

Photek - Solaris
Released 31 May 2024
Pre-order LP

Side 1
1. Terminus
2. Junk
Side 2
1. Glamourama
2. Mine To Give
Side 3
1. Can't Come Down
2. Infinity
Side 4
1. Solaris
2. Halogen
3. Lost Blue Heaven
4. Under The Palms

Originally issued on Science/Virgin in September 2000, Solaris consolidated Rupert Parkes' role as an unmistakable force within the realm of underground dance, wrongfooting some of his audience by moving on from the mathematical drum and bass of his debut, Modus Operandi - This re-issue is presented here with scrupulous attention to the detail of its original UK first pressing and is available on two 140gm LPs.

Photek is now is an established film and television composer in Hollywood. However, his earlier work is fondly remembered and greatly respected.