Dirty Pretty Thing – Waterloo To Anywhere

Dirty Pretty Thing – Waterloo To Anywhere

Waterloo To Anywhere is the debut album from the short-lived, briefly adored Dirty Pretty Things - Originally released on Vertigo Records in May 2006, the album reached No 3 in the UK charts and spawned three Top 40 singles - This re-issue, available from 7 June, is pressed on high-quality 180g black vinyl.

What do you do after being in the Libertines, one of the most notorious British bands of the early 21st Century? For Carl Barât, you form Dirty Pretty Things, something of an indie supergroup of their moment. Joining Barât was Libertines drummer Gary Powell, guitarist Anthony Rossomando, who'd stood in for Doherty, and former Cooper Temple Clause bassist, Didz Hammond.

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Leading Waterloo To Anywhere was the infectious UK Top 5 hit Bang Bang You're Dead, which set the tone for the fabulous collection of rock, punk and ska. Recorded in Los Angeles with producer Dave Sardy and then later in Glasgow with Tony Doogan, the album showed the strength of the group's writing. Away from the standard high-octane indie of Gin & Milk and You F*cking Love It, The Gentry Cove was particularly captivating, marrying Barât's fascinating wordplay with robust Clash reggae/sea shanty interludes.

Dirty Pretty Things - Waterloo To Anywhere
Released 7 June 2024
Pre-order LP

Side 1:
1. Deadwood
2. Doctors And Dealers
3. Bang Bang You're Dead
4. Blood Thirsty Bastards
5. The Gentry Cove
6. Gin & Milk
Side 2:
1. The Enemy
2. If You Love A Woman
3. You Fucking Love It
4. Wondering
5. Last Of The Small Town Playboys

Two years later, it was all over; Barât and Powell rejoined the Libertines (and Rossomando later going on to win an Oscar for co-writing Shallow from the film A Star Is Born).