Gretchen Peters Farewell Tour

Gretchen Peters Farewell Tour

Gretchen Peters returns to the UK in May for her final run of shows, following her announcement that she will retire from full-scale touring this year.

Speaking about the tour, Gretchen commented:

“It’s important to me to have the opportunity to let UK fans know just how much their support has meant to me. I literally don’t think I’d have a touring career without them. They were always there for me, steadily growing in numbers year by year, even when I wasn’t touring or doing much in the US. And around the time Hello Cruel World and Blackbirds came out, things really amped up and our UK audience seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. I’m grateful for the chance to express my gratitude to them directly; to say thank you for decades of support and love. I expect it to be emotional, to say the least.”

Beloved of UK audiences, US singer-songwriter Gretchen Peters has been gracing stages on these shores for over 25 years. She marked her silver anniversary in style in 2022 with the release of The Show: Live from the UK, to glowing reviews. Widely praised by fans and critics alike, the beautifully presented, double-CD was recorded during a 2019 UK tour with Peters’ band and an all-female Scottish string quartet. CD 1 captures 10 tracks Gretchen and her band performed with the string quartet and CD 2 highlights 8 tracks from Gretchen and her band. The package is supplemented by a collection of evocative live photographs documenting the concerts at which the recordings took place.

Upcoming Tour Dates

No European shows booked at the moment.