Gretchen Peters Blackbirds reviewed

Gretchen Peters Blackbirds reviewed

Gretchen Peters - BlackbirdsGretchen Peters new album ‘Blackbirds’ is released today and has been receiving some great reviews in the press and online. You can read a selection of the best one’s below.

“Without doubt a brilliantly crafted record, hugely enjoyable”Folk Radio
“It is a class act, and one that is excellent by her own high standards”Spiral Earth
“Maybe Rosanne Cash and Lucinda Williams owned the generational airways in 2014 but Gretchen can be the anointed one in 2015”Three Chords and The Truth
“a seemingly endless trickle of loveliness, a touch of true class”Americana UK
“the first five-star album of the year”Northern Sky
“This is a superb album and is highly recommended” (5 Stars) – Festivalphoto
“powerful, poignant and profoundly moving”FolkWords

Gretchen Peters - Blackbirds reviews

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